Baltic Secrets for Flawless Winter Skin

Winter can be terrible for your skin. Traveling in winter can make it even worse.  Fortunately, hundreds of years of experience in northern winters have made modern Baltic skincare some of the best in the world for protecting and hydrating the skin. This series explores some of our favorite natural, organic (and vegan!) winter skin care products from the Baltics, to let you in on little-known secrets to keeping your face glowing all year long.

If you thought skincare couldn’t be organic, vegan, effective AND smell amazing, you obviously haven’t headed towards the Baltics where fresh and flawless complexions reign supreme. One of the brands that excels in this regard, is vegan and organic Latvian brand, Kivvi, which blends together the region’s knowledge of herbal remedies and local ingredients with natural ingredients for their skincare lines.  Our Internationelle team put it to the test over two weeks in the heart of winter, in three wintry countries, on long flights, facing heavy winds, snow showers, and the everlasting dry and cold weather. The results? Keep reading.

To get the max benefit for your face, it’s important to start with a clean and toned face before applying protective and moisturizing creams, which is where Kivvi’s raspberry toner  comes in. With burdock, sage, and raspberry extracts, this toner removed impurities that your cleanser may have missed. It has a light raspberry scent that lingered after use, and the toner didn’t leave the skin too dry after washing.
If you’re a strong believer in the benefits of using micellar water for removing make-up or facial cleansing that doesn’t strip oils, Kivvi has a berry-tastic product that is great for days when a full routine is not possible (or when traveling). This particular micellar water includes aloe, cranberry, black currant, raspberry and rowanberry and has a light and uplifting berry scent which blends well with their moisturizer.

We followed up with the all day and all night cream with very Baltic birch and bilberry extracts, despite somehow smelling like coconut (does not contain coconut), which was not unpleasant. It goes on a lot lighter than most moisturizing facial creams, but stood the test against sub-zero winter winds all day, so it did the trick. The northern magic in this particular cream is its long list of beneficial, hydrating, and soothing ingredients (Coenzyme Q10, chamomile, ginseng, and black currant, to name a few), which not only lead to hydrated and protected skin, but improve the look of skin, as well. At least it made our skin take on a slight added glow that isn’t usually there in the depth of the dark northern winter, so that was a bonus!

Many skincare routines for winter focus on the face, but the hands need extra wintertime love, too. If you didn’t think you needed body marmalade in your winter skin care rotation, you are seriously missing out. Not only does the Kivvi body marmalade smell amazing (we tried yellow plum  and were in love), the consistency itself is somewhere between a thick lotion and a balm, so you only need a little bit to go a long way toward restoring dry hands. Shea butter, macadamia, jojoba, and vitamin E, along with local rowanberry, sea buckthorn, and bilberry extracts come together to deliver a potent cocktail able to protect hands (or elbows) against harsh winter weather, not just heal already dry skin.
If yellow plum isn’t your scent, they also offer orange + vanilla, bergamot, and bilberry (with corresponding lip marmalade!).

Overall, Kivvi hits the trifecta of skincare lines with affordability, organic lines, and effective ingredients that provide what they promise. Transparency is so important when it comes to products you put on your face or in your body, an Kivvi delivers this in all their products which is so great to see! Luckily, you don’t have to live in Latvia to reap the benefits, they ship worldwide!

Have any skincare or beauty secrets you’ve discovered in your travels? Let us know!

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