Breakthrough Jet Lag Remedy Will Become Your New Secret Travel Weapon

Long-term travelers know (and beginner travelers quickly find out) that jet lag affects us all. The tips to beat it are as old as air travel itself and these travel hacks work pretty well, but unless you’re Wonder Woman, most of us have been dreaming for AGES of something to just remove jet lag from the travel equation all together.

2018’s must have for your carry on? Jet Candy jet lag remedy fits easily in any bag, pocket, or purse!

Great news… the wait is over! Jet Candy jet lag remedy is officially on the market.

Who came up with this miracle? The Jet Candy formula was developed by leading homeopath John Morgan, for Rosalind Milani Gallieni of Jet Candy. John is the founder and managing director of Helios Homeopathy Ltd. Tunbridge Wells, UK, and has over 30 years of experience in homeopathy.

Jet Candy in its (all) natural habitat in Helios Homeopathy Ltd. Available online and in-store!

The formula is designed to help with the common symptoms associated with jet lag and long-haul flying. A 12c dose is a safe and commonly used potency for self-limiting problems such as jet lag.

Jet Candy (not actual candy) itself has five simple ingredients. Traditionally, the ingredients have been used as follows:

ARNICA – General fatigue due to the shock to the system from flying, aching limbs, venous stasis, sleeplessness when overtired or drowsy.

BELLIS PERENNIS – Prevents venous congestion to help avoid DVT, physical soreness from sitting.

– Ailments from loss of sleep, drowsiness, yawning,  headache,vertigo and travel sickness from motion.

– Anticipatory anxiety, fear of flying, trembling, drowsiness, insomnia from exhaustion.

– Ailments from plane travel, cracking in ears with change in pressure, nausea especially from engine fumes, sleepiness with restless dreams.
Individually, they are quite helpful, but combined they work wonders. Even petroleum, which, at first glance, seems like an out-of-place choice in a jet lag remedy, is actually super useful for treating symptoms of nausea from the engine fumes, while cocculus, aids migraines, motion sickness and the time differences. So, if you’re traveling from Canada to Cancun in the winter… this will play a huge role in your actually being alert enough to enjoy your sunshine and margaritas.

The instructions for optimum jet lag fighting power seem a bit daunting at first (take 1 pillule the night before your flight, 1 the following morning, 1 on take-off, 2 to 4 doses during the flight, 1 on arrival and 1 the following morning), but when you realize the pillules are about the size of one cupcake sprinkle, it all gets a bit easier to swallow (literally!).

In fact, it’s fairly easy to forget you even took anything, given that you end up feeling fairly fine and normal, before realizing that’s the opposite of how you usually feel, having hopped seven time zones.
The same standby jet lag tips still do apply, however, and it’s important to keep yourself as healthy as possible, no matter how long or short your flights.

1) Stay hydrated. Drink water, water, and more water.  All the remedies in the world can’t help your body if it’s dehydrated. And nothing is quite as dehydrating as air travel. (This includes curtailing your coffee habit and limiting alcohol for long flights).

2) Eat meals and sleep according to the time in your destination. The first thing you may want to do upon checking in to a hotel is take a nap at 1PM, but fighting this urge, no matter how painful, will go a long way toward a good night’s sleep.

3) On arrival, to help you keep your eyes open, stay active! Start a new routine or find a go-to coffee shop/grocery store. Start your adventure the moment you arrive, even if that means exploring nonstop and then going to bed at 9PM.

4) Spend time outdoors in natural light. Especially when flying from east to west, sunlight will help regulate your body clock, letting it know it’s not yet time for sleep. Being outside will also prevent your body from trying to create melatonin, the hormone that regulates alertness and sleep.

5) Get as much sleep as possible before and during. Melatonin supplements can also help as a refreshing sleep aid and is recommended by many travel experts (including Rick Steves). However, melatonin does requires a doctor’s prescription in some countries (including: Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Belgium, South Africa, Iceland, Canada, and France), so be very careful when thinking about taking a melatonin remedy with you on travels. Luckily, Jet Candy is safely melatonin-free, as it is an all-natural homeopathic remedy.

Jet Candy’s all natural ingredients make the perfect homeopathic remedy for jet lag… no prescription required!

For more background information on the makers of Jet Candy and how it came to be, check out our interview with Ros Milani Gallieni and be sure to visit to get started on your jet lag-free travel!

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