The Jetsetter’s Guide to In-Flights Cocktails

You don’t have to be in first-class to have a premium in-flight experience. We’re referring, of course, to fancy sips and dazzling drinks that can be yours in the sky, more easily than you think. Regardless of seat position (we’re looking at you, accidental-last-minute-middle-seat-booker), an endless menagerie of high-end and creative beverages can be yours to make your jetset experience more memorable (or to forget the crying babies and bare feet we see more and more of these days).

Mimosa: The world’s easiest in-flight beverage.

The days of simply taking your in-flight alcoholic beverages neat or on the rocks are over!
The obvious and simple two-ingredient cocktails are easy enough to manage:
Irish Coffee
White Russian (Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Cream)

To get the real MacGyver cocktail experience, see the detailed instructions for daiquiris, margaritas, mojitos and negronis here.

If your own ingenuity isn’t enough, W&P Design Co has developed seven gorgeous Carry-On Cocktail kits, enough for two sky-high beverages. Including spoons, craft ingredients (like elderflower syrup!) and linen coasters, all in a neat little tin. Not just a perfect gift for the jetsetter in your life, but also for you, no matter where you’re going (although, maybe not on a road trip, but more like glamping). Can’t choose? Try a set of five!

A Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, Champagne Cocktail, Tom Collins, Moscow Mule, Hot Toddy, Bloody Mary and so much more can be yours to enjoy thanks to some clever mixology and innovation at 30,000 feet. (Or, you know, still on the ground, if you’re on a short flight).

To go even more extreme, Hella Cocktails has FIVE incredible bitters in their 1.7 ounce sets: Smoked Chili, Citrus, Aromatic, Orange, and Ginger. And if you REALLY want to get fancy (as if that wasn’t hardcore enough), Hella Cocktails also has a DIY Bitters Kit for you to craft your own bitters, funnel them into tiny bottles, put them into your carry-on Ziploc, and mix away.

Bonus points for bringing your own citrus!

The number one tip of expert mixologists? Bring your own citrus! Lemon or lime wedges go a long way to 1) prevent scurvy 2) zest up a mixed drink. Also, find good use for those sugar packets you/grandma have been hoarding, and make your own simple syrup/toss them in your cocktail!

How to mix? Either snag another glass and shake carefully (or pour from one glass to the other), or grab a disposable coffee cup and either shake or stir your way to fancy in-flight boozery.

Holiday travel, honeymoon flights and more will never have boring cocktails again!

Cheers and enjoy responsibly! If you have your own special in-flight drink mixing secrets, drop us a line!

Please also note that we’re not advocating bringing your own alcohol on board the plane and consuming in flight. This is prohibited in the USA by the FAA.

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