10 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the World

There is something about the endless blue texture of vast seas and oceans that tugs at the deepest, most resonant strings of the human soul.

Credit: Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Anke

When you truly get a chance to soak in the moment as the blue horizon stretches in front of you, it becomes disturbingly easy to realize how connected we are to the world and nature that surrounds us. If you yearn to have that moment of nirvana, at least for a short while, here are 10 places where you can see the bluest water in the world.

1. Blue Lake, New Zealand

Credit: Lars_Nissen_Photoart

Blue Lake, which can be found among the epic landscapes of New Zealand, boasts a moniker of the body of water that has the clearest water in the world. Unfortunately, due to the beliefs of the local Maori people, you will not get a chance to immerse yourself in the surreal waters of the lake, but the very appearance of it is worth the trip.

2. Egremni, Greece

Credit: Ioana Radu

Lefkada Island is an astonishing destination through and through, but if you feel you are too spoiled for choice, don’t even think about visiting any other beach before you savor the azure splendor of the Ionian Sea on the western beach known as Egremni. Get ready to be positively dazzled by the otherworldly shades of blue and aquamarine quality of the shallows.

3. The Maldives

Credit: Uwe Kern

The colossal coral archipelago that consists of nearly 1,200 islands, islets and sandbanks that rise out of the water like playful twirls of gods, is jealously hidden by the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean. Yet for those that are instructed into the secrets of the world, this is a destination that represents so much more than an exclusive vacationing spot – it is a place where you can marvel at the reef structures which can be seen through the crystal clear waters.

4. Exuma, Bahamas

Credit: Lisa Larsen

Exuma is also known as the pig beach, but don’t let this name fool you – the waters are the farthest thing from murky and muddy. The charming curiosity of the pigs that tend to savor the lush waters surrounding their own island just like humans do is an additional bonus for perfect beach connoisseurs.

5. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Credit: Julius Silver

Board one of the most opportune and pleasant Tahiti flights that will take you to Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, before you hop on a ferry that heads straight to Bora Bora. On the vibrant coast of this dreamlike volcanic island, you will finally find out why it is considered one of the premier tourist locations in the world – the irresistible turquoise shallows that surround it are a heavenly vision.

6. Laghi di Fusine, Italy

Credit: Ales Krivec

Italy is a place of irresistible beauties, so it comes as no surprise that it also boasts some remarkable glacial lakes. Somewhere between the Italian and Slovenian borders, you will find the remarkably clear Laghi di Fusine, which might be too cold for a dip but you can still rent a rowboat and enjoy the pristine waters up close.

7. Devil’s Bay, British Virgin Islands

Credit: Joann

Virgin Gorda belongs to the remarkable group of the British Virgin Islands and it boasts a truly magnificent feature – the woefully named Devil’s Bay. While it can be a challenge to trek across the terrain and find this hidden slice of the Caribbean coastline, the destination is well worth the effort and swimming through Devil’s Bay turquoise waters is something you will never forget!

8. Crater Lake, Oregon

Credit: Brigitte Werner

If you are in the mood for a deeper shade of blue, head to the heart of the U.S. state of Oregon and seek out the navy-blue waters of Crater Lake, one of the deepest lakes on the North American continent. The lake sits atop the Cascade Mountain Range, which means that the surrounding natural panorama is quite a treat as well.

9. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Credit: Waltteri Paulaharju

While you are visiting Laghi di Fusine, you might as well proceed to the wild and mysterious lands of the Balkans and visit the nearby Plitvice Lakes of Croatia. This country is mostly known for its Adriatic coastline, but this crystal clear site is actually one of its crowning natural features.

10. Zamami, Japan

Credit: Rickard Törnblad

Head to the very edge of the world – the coast of the vast Pacific – for a snorkeling session in one of Okinawa’s most beloved beachside destinations, Zamami. It is also a perfect spot for whale watching during the spring and winter.

As you peer into the deep blue waters of the world’s sublime vistas, make sure that you have your trusty camera right beside you to capture and commemorate this occasion. A mere glance at the photograph can take you back to this moment and trigger a sense of deep inner peace that can hardly be described in words, but it is definitely the reason why we set out to discover such sites.

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