Announcing Internationelle

The idea behind Internationelle came about when two world travelers, frustrated by a lack of truly interesting and motivating travel blogs that weren’t about decided to start a site where like-minded people could come together to share their stories, tips, tricks, photos and more. A site that isn’t “how to take the best travel selfie” or “how to quit everything to travel the world”. A site that showcases the road less traveled, the active lives of people working for the greater good, and artists stretching their worldly wings. A home for wit, whimsy, and wisdom.


Internationelle is a reminder that travel isn’t just about us. That we aren’t somehow amazing or better or brave just by sitting on a plane in order to walk around and be surprised by our surroundings. That every place we visit is 100% normal and potentially unexciting to someone. However, we know how travel changes lives, spirits, and minds and don’t discount anyone’s experience, no matter what the motivation was to begin the travel journey.

Internationelle is about the drive in all of us to seek new things, places, and people; to make memories worth their weight in gold/food/sunsets. Internationelle is the drive to not about what the world can bring to us, but what we can also bring to the world. Join us! Contribute.

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