AI Recommended Destinations for Those Who Trust Robots to Make Travel Choices

Using AI to plan your next travel destination? Chances are, you’re already using it if you’re on any travel booking website, but using it to actually pick your destination? That’s the trend we’re seeing next. While not totally ready yet, this AI text generator seems to think it has some recommendations for the next hot places to travel. And you know what? I don’t think it’s wrong. These four places, with the exception of Doha, are relatively unheard of in the broader context of the popular travelverse. The following recommendations are entirely generated by (an apparently British) AI. Whether or not you follow the advice is up to you! Please be sure to double check any info listed as AI is not perfect and sometimes just makes up fun facts. Entertaining, regardless…inspiring–maybe!

We defined hot new places to visit to mean places with limited travel routes and large numbers of travellers arriving. That’s not to say the destinations are not worth going to! They may just be perfect if you have a few days or a week off in the future, and feel like a bit of a cultural shock.

Here are some of the places voted as the top four.

4. Doha, Qatar

Lush landscape, a desert oasis, sunny beaches, fine dining, high-end shopping, stunning mosques, markets full of exotic foods and genuine hospitality; what more could you ask for? Unfortunately, there is no land border with neighbouring Saudi Arabia due to a conflict that has been brewing for decades, but there is a sea border. With over $400 billion in annual trade, there is no shortage of travellers crossing the land border. Next week, Doha is welcoming its 10th consecutive FIFA World Cup™ and will be hosting the Asian Cup, along with several other international events. There will be an increase of more than 45 percent in the number of visitors, which includes an influx of Chinese travellers. Visitors are expected to stay for six to eight days, with women and the families of male visitors driving the tourism industry in Qatar.

Visit Qatari Tourism, and the official Qatari Ministry of Tourism website to learn more about this Gulf destination.

3. Thonburi, Thailand

The exotic island kingdom of Thailand is not often the first stop for travellers, despite its fame. Located on the Gulf of Thailand and connected to mainland Thailand by road and rail, visitors can enjoy an area known as the Golden Triangle, a land of rivers and hills with lots of history, culture and action. The new bridge connecting Ratchaburi to Bangkok opens next month, which should speed up travel time from downtown Bangkok to Thonburi. The main draw of Thonburi is its open-air market where locals come to shop for souvenirs and fresh food, offering an authentic taste of Thai culture. Explore Andaman Discoveries for more information, including a list of Bangkok-Thonburi day trips.

2. Zhangye, China

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, with historic painted roofs, waterways filled with fishing boats, ancient wells and a bustling downtown centre, Zhangye is not only a picturesque village, but is also renowned for its antique stores and traditional, two-storey “red and white” buildings that made their fame in China’s own commercial history. In the past, Zhangye was a prosperous trade route between western China and Korea. Its location, halfway between Beijing and Jiayuguan, China’s gateway to the ancient Silk Road, has increased its role in recent times. Along with a strong history, Zhangye also has a large and welcoming population of about 285,000 people. There are many more historical sites to explore in the area, including the ruins of Baihua Temple. The Zhangye railway history museum is another place to visit, and the Zhangye ancient paint experience is a great way to learn about the historical and artistic roots of Zhangye’s red and white buildings. Zhangye also has many day trip and backpacking options from Beijing, although due to its proximity to Jiayuguan, that gateway has become more popular. Still, there are many other options and many more things to see and do in the Zhangye area. For more information on visiting Zhangye visit this travel guide.

1. Çamlıca, Turkey

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to visit all of Europe in one place, wonder no more. Çamlıca is located in the historic and beautiful Balkan region in the northern part of Turkey. It’s the location of the mythical Troy, and is not only home to ancient ruins, but also a beautifully-preserved monastery, theatre and five-mile long castle walls that surround the modern city. Çamlıca is also famous for the Turkish cuisine, with many restaurants serving traditional dishes and delights. Beyond that, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore Ottoman and Byzantine architecture. Known as the green city, Çamlıca’s city centre is filled with flowers, and there are many parks, including the Bazlıkale, the largest park in Europe. You’ll also have the opportunity to go horse riding, with Çamlıca not only being the home to the medieval Milas castle, but also to the famous Milas Horse Bazaar. The rural Çamlıca area is a great escape from modern life, and a trip to the city is sure to feel like stepping back in time. But, which is your favourite new place to visit? Have your say in the comments below.

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The text and travel recommendations were generated by EleutherAI, using model GPT-J-6B available at

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